How to Build a Church Website - Step-by-Step

Full Easy Step-by-Step Guide To Build Church Website with WordPress for Non-Technical 

How to build church website step-by-step

Introduction To Church Website

All churches need a useful website but few have a large budget. What does the church do? The best solution to thousands of churches in the past two years – WordPress. It is a low-cost solution (less than $ 9 USD for domain $ 0.99 USD per month for hosting and free customization (with WordPress)). Easy to use and flexible enough to meet most of the church’s needs. Staff or volunteers can build and manage the site without programming with no need for designing skills.

Why we recommend WordPress? 

  • Simply WordPress provide a various free themes and plugins you need to your church website. and no need for technical skills to design the website with them. Hire a professional or ask a volunteer to do that with no cost or build it by your self and save the church money.
  • All you need just some installations, clicks and drag and drop. then you will get your church website.
  • With WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) you can easily organize your events, calendar, upload audio & video lessons and even create a donation page.

What You Need to Build Church Website with WordPress?

  • Domain Name: Domain name is your website name for example “”. 
  • Website Hosting: web hosting is a service where you can upload your website files to web hosting service provider servers (eg. SiteGroundHostinger, ChemiCloud etc.) in the web to make it public and easy to be reached by entering the church domain name in the browser.
  • Content Management System (CMS): The place where you can design, edit, and publish your website pages, such as: WordPress and Wix. The CMS will be installed in the web hosting for free.

*You will get both (The domain name and Web hosting) together in one step and we will illustrate how to do that easily below. CMS is provided free with most web hosting plans.

How to Get Church Domain Name and Web Hosting with Free CMS?

Get Your Host and Domain, hosting prices starts from $0.00/month and more for Shared Hosting Plan that depends on the service provider you choose, however free hosting plans are not recommended for any type of websites since it’s not secured, high downtime rate% and could not be applicable to different essential tools any body need for their websites. We’ve recommended Top 10 web hosting services providers to get your startup plan for $0.99/month to $6.39/month.

For instance (Church website) we recommend Hostinger, they provide a great shared hosting plan for $0.99/month only, which it’s the cheapest price of the top web hosting services, high speeds (379 ms) and 99.98% uptime. Read our Hostinger review.

Follow the next Step-by-Step guide to end with a published church website for a one year domain name and 48 months of hosting can be renewed automatically with low-cost for only $56.69 USD, saving 450+ USD.

Hostinger main page
  • Locate Single Shared Hosting option and Click Add to cart
Single shared hosting
  • This will take you to your cart, here you will see your order details. you can find a statement that tells you will get a life time SSL certificate. go down in the page to get your domain, enter your Church domain and click Search. it will send you to the domain checker to insure that domain is available and not taken by any one.
Domian Hostinger
  • Once you enter an available domain name you will be notified down that Domain is available then click Add to Cart it will verify the ability and then click Continue To Cart
domain checker hostinger-
  • Then in the cart page you will see your order summary make sure that your church domain added to the cart and click Checkout Now
order summary hostinger
  • Then You need to sign up with Hostinger via Facebook account, Reddit, Google or using your email. Notice that the order summary in the right side of the page.
  • Once you complete the sign up process you can choose the payment method you prefer. enter your details with the chosen payment method. if you choose PayPal, enter your PayPal Login details in the popup window appears. 

*We will complete the process with credit card if you choose another payment method complete the process by filling the required details.

payment method
  • If you prefer PayPal, click PayPal -> PayPal Checkout -> Fill your PayPal login details -> confirm the payment
PayPal Details
  • If you choose Credit Card Fill credit card details as shown on your credit card.

*Name on card, card number and expiry datein the front side of the card. CVC Number is the latest 3 digits on the back side of the credit card

  • Then click Pay Now
Credit Card Details

Domain Registration

  • Your payment will be confirmed directly. Now you need to register your domain. Click on Register Your Domain. You will be redirected to your church domain page then -> click Register beside your domain name. the process will be completed automatically and then make sure the status is ACTIVE as below.
domain register

Add Hosting for The Domain

  • Now you will need to add hosting to your church domain. To do that just click on Hosting Tab in the top of the page. Then click Add Website button in the hosting page as shown below.
Hosting tab
add website button
  •  Add your church domain name and create a password to enter your hosting dashboard any time you need in the window below. Make sure you’ve completed the registration process. you will directly noticed that your website added successfully. Then you will be redirected to the dashboard. 
add website

WordPress Installation

The next step is installing WordPress (The CMS).

  • On the left side of the dashboard you will see your church domain name on the top of the list, scroll down, click on Website and then click Auto Installer.
auto installer
  • A menu of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) appears, click on WordPress.
Wordpress auto installer
  • In next window you will enter your wordpress credentials, create a username, password and your email address and website title that will be shown on the browser tab and search engines. Then click Install.
install wordpress
  • Wait for one minute approximately till WordPress installed. Once the WordPress installed you will see a list of installed applications -> click on WordPress logo.
list of installed applications
  • In next window you will activate the SSL certificate and go to the wp – admin (CMS, WordPress dashboard). click on the button next to Force HTTPs and then click WP-ADMIN. You can access to WordPress dashboard also by simply open a new tab in the browser and type “”.
Application dashboard

Congrats! The Church Website is now published

You are ready to customize it.

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